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Holiday Gloss and Sauce

Jenkins Jellies Holiday 2021

Creating holiday content is always full of unlimited possibilities. What could spark more joy than shooting cocktails, glowing lights and shimmery bows! With this holiday season I created several ways of how pepper jelly could fit into your holiday celebrations, because it is so much more than just a spread!

Thanksgiving is the kick off of festivities for the holidays and somehow always sneaks up on some of us. I took your regular grape jelly meatballs and gave them a much needed makeover for an easy appetizer. Mix Jenkins Jellies' Hell Fire pepper jelly with BBQ sauce to create an addicting recipe that will leave people lingering around the crockpot :)

Sparkling, dusting and layering. Nothing says classic holiday cookie like a linzer cookie. A sugar cookie slathered with a layer of guava pepper jelly and a peak-a-boo cut out to show off the filling.

Where party grazer congregate. Baked brie is a staple, but elevated with a sweet and spicy fig pepper jelly. Good year round, but great during the holidays.

Don't show up to your next holiday party empty handed! Rather than the usual bottle of wine, say thanks with some gourmet spreads.

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