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Embracing the Summer Heat

Jenkins Jellies

Summer 2021

I had so much fun developing these images for Jenkins Jellies. I wanted to highlight Summer friendly recipes that easily incorporate their pepper jellies with maximum seasonal flair. Summer is all about low to no bake recipes that don't require you to turn your oven on. No one likes sweating away in the kitchen when you could be outside soaking up that vitamin D!

I know I can't be alone out there when I say I love out of the ordinary ice cream flavors. I dare say it is one of my passions :) This was a no-churn recipe meaning no huge ice cream machine required, just a hand mixer or a whisk! I then swirled in their passion fruit jelly along with some crushed cookies.

A popular Summer recipe is the no bake frozen pie. Here I opted for a spicy margarita theme with a lime & tequila ice cream base with their Guava Brava jelly swirled in for the spicy kick!

To top it all off I created a beyond easy recipe that is travel friendly and works best with recycled jelly jars! These trifles incorporate store bought chocolate pound cake, fresh figs and whipped cream PLUS sweet layers of Fiery Fig pepper jelly. These take no time to put together and to store them you just have to screw the lid back on :)

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