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A Latke Platter Fit For a Feast

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

A Hanukkah spread to choose your own latke adventure because latkes are the best pallet for toppings!

Latke platter with kale, pickled onions, apple sauce, sour cream and Beyond Meat bratwurst.

It's the one time of the year that I will stand over hot oil for an hour frying potatoes for dinner, but it is so worth the effort!!! Especially if you make enough for leftovers, then it really becomes the gift that keeps on giving. AND if they last eight nights then it truly is a Hanukkah miracle.

I always need the basic latke toppings: apple sauce and sour cream. Next steps are finding what else you have in your fridge! I topped mine with a sautéd spicy garlic kale, pickled onions and some Beyond Meat bratwurst. Latkes are the best palate because they are the perfect amount of greasy, salty and crunchy. The best toppings are ones that really lighten it up hence the pickled items and greens.

Latke topped with apple sauce and another topped with sour cream, kale and picked onions all on a wooden platter

Tips For Latke Making

Everyone has their own recipe for what should or shouldn't go into your latkes. I keep it super simple and do one large shredded onion for roughly every pound of shredded potatoes. THAT'S IT. Oh, and heavily seasoned with salt and pepper.

  1. After you shred everything, pour it into a dish towel and ring as much liquid as possible out of it!! If the mixture is too wet it will cause more splattering of hot oil and that is no bueno.

  2. Continue straining! After the dish towel step, leave potato mixture in a colander suspended in a bowl. Even more liquid will come out.

  3. OIL, but not too much...In my recent latke endeavor I put way too much oil in and they were a TAD too crispy, if there is such thing. You want an oil base that covers the entire bottom on your pan because thats how heat transfers evenly for perfectly golden brown latkes.

  4. SEASON. This goes for anything you fry. As soon as you take out your fried items immediately season with some kosher salt. Trust meeee.

  5. Pour yourself a drink! Your are going to be hanging by a hot stove for awhile and that deserves a cold one of your choice :)


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